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When fabric is produced, manufacturers don’t anticipate that anything will be added to it. When embroidering onto fabric, we’re adding weight and tension of thread and stitches. The fabric needs tobe stronger and more “stable” to support the stitches – and that is why stabilizer is used with every embroidery project.

If the fabric isn’t stabilized properly, you’ll see less-than-stellar results. You might find shifting and gapping, puckering, dimpling, and more. Choosing the right type of design and stabilizer for your fabric is the key to getting great results.

Embroidery stablizer is a supporting layer which to be pasted with diferent methods in order to be  obtained the expected appearance, the quality and the efficacy from the fabric

It is desired that the fabric gain volume and strength, Nonwovens also contrubute to shape the clothings. It support the the fabric in the process of embroidering, sewing, washing and ironing.

There are several type of nonwovens based on removal from fabric. These are water soluble type, heat away type, tear away and cut away  types. EFRHeat is an interlining which is called as Heat away nylon stablizer. 

EFRHeat -Away Embroidery Stabilizer is an excellent option when you do not want residue left on the fabric; when water is not an option for removing a stabilizer; or when tearing could damage the stitching or fabric.

After embroidery, Heat-Away can be removed after exposure to a temperature of 120°C to 180°C (248°F to 356°F).

EFRHeat – Away must be protected against moisture, heat and sunlight.

Eforteks proudly offer EFRHeat 3000 series to his customers.



EFRHeat    3025                25                WHITE /BLACK            70/80/90/120

EFRHeat    3030               30                 WHITE /BLACK           70/80/90/120

EFRHeat     3035             35                  WHITE /BLACK           70/80/90/120

EFRHeat     3040             40                WHITE /BLACK             70/80/90/120

EFRHeat     3045             45                WHITE /BLACK             70/80/90/120

EFRHeat   3050               50                 WHITE /BLACK             70/80/90/120

EFRHeat    3060             60                 WHITE /BLACK             70/80/90/120

EFRHeat    3070             70                 WHITE /BLACK             70/80/90/120

EFRHeat    3080             80                 WHITE /BLACK             70/80/90/120

We differentiate our production according to customer demand. Please contact us with your requests in other width and  weight.